Quote of the Day #420

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

– Stephen Covey


4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day #420

  1. That’s an attitude that might not always be an accurate statement of fact. There are some things beyond my control. Not being born to a political or particularly well-educated family, I’ve spent 25 years working out what, say, David Cameron grew up taking for granted. Grow up as he did in an affluent home where doing PPE at Oxford is a natural step then it’s not a great leap to think one could be a political figure. In my case, I didn’t do too bad – I’m definitely better educated than him. He’s only got a BA. I’m a PhD and assistant professor. Well done me. However, he’s worth gazillions of pounds and I’m still on a salary. It’s fair to say we both made the best of our abilities but Cameron and others have a head start which they like to play down. Then there’s the hard-working entrepreneurs who overlook the circumstances that made it possible: a functioning state with schools, hospitals, universities to teach the managers, armies and sewers and roads. We all live in a society; we must make the best of our abilities
    (I might not have) but we also come from some place and can’t fully rise free of our conditions, the circumstances we were born and grew up in and the responsibility for our choices too.

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  2. I’m responsible for how I used my life-chances. I don’t want to duck that. Arguably, DC did a lot with very little talent while I can only say I probably wasted a lot. I did try writing a novel and discovered I am a rotten fiction writer. But there are other things still wrapped in the talent casket I have not tested.

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