I just voted. Did you?


One thought on “I just voted. Did you?

  1. I can´t. I don´t live in the US. During the last few US presidentials I have realised that if the US claims to be the leader of the free world, and the indispenable nation et cetera then to some extent its government is the government of all of us. But we don´t get to vote. What is the practical meaning of this? It means you can just suit yourselves when you think about voting. Voters are, like it or not, choosing the guy or gal with the finger on the button, chief of the planet´s biggest army. The US can´t claim to be a beacon for democracy if its own role in relation to the rest of the world is just an expression of raw power. That´s the argument kings made. Isn´t this then really a point about global governance. We have democracy within some nations but not at the level of interstate negotiations. Institutions like the UN are the equivalent of the Holy Roman Emperor´s Diets. Power is shared out by rules other than real democracy.

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