Quote of the Day #378

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

– Benjamin Franklin


7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day #378

  1. Hi, I love this quote but I also live by it. It really is worth remembering ,everyone.

    Years ago I used to have to load up equipment onto a truck for hyrdologic site investigations and forgetting something was a disaster. That quote helped me get it right. I learned make a list of the things I needed and to make myself pause before going to run over the list so I did´t forget anything. Wheever I messed up it was because I did not prepare properly.

    In Britain I did a course and learned that some people like to “wing it” and I can only say that this might be cool but it´s a recipe for a mess.

    However, the problem is at a higher level: remembering to prepare or perhaps thinking you don´t need to. An example: you go on a trip with someone who doesn´t know the way. They think you know and you think they do. Result: a disastrous late arrival or going off course.

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