Road Rage

As a Massachusetts native and resident, a lot of people refer to us as MAssholes. In some cases, I don’t really blame them because we don’t really help our cause behind the wheel. For example, I never fail to piss someone off when I drive. Some would say, why do you do it then? My answer is, I can’t really help it and I mean no harm. I really just want you out of my way though because you’re driving way too slow.

It’s funny how the people that get mad at me for speeding or riding them too closely will turn around and ‘brake check’ me or flip me off. What do you gain from that? I’m not your average driver, I won’t get in a pissing match with you. On the contrary, I’ll speed passed you and that’ll be the last you’ll see of me. 

What kind of driver are you? 


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