Hey there, how was your weekend?


14 thoughts on “Hey there, how was your weekend?

    1. Yeah, that’s true, what’s that the endorphins or something? We had KvK in Game of War over the weekend. It was pretty awesome, our kingdom won. I scooped up about 80 heroes in one night. I had so much fun burning down their kingdom lol

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      1. I beefed up for the event, I’m at 38B right now. I didn’t score as much as I would have liked… but I held my own and I didn’t take any damage. So to me that’s a win.

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      2. No clue, we typically only get a couple of days notice before they come around. The kingdoms involved have to have contested wonders before it can happen. Right now we are holding their wonder and they are holding ours. I think the clock says 2 more days. But I doubt it will be too soon.

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      3. We are negotiating a merger. It would mean a realignment, we would stay where we are at our current ranks, our babies would go to their alliance, which would be used as a feeder alliance. Their big players would come to us. It would also mean training for all. Yeah, I think we will be ready. We have a 30 day goal right now. We are working hard to meet it.

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