Good Morning


69 thoughts on “Good Morning

      1. Right! I no longer do but I have played the first to the third one and another called Ascension. I love those games but I don’t know how I feel about the latest one that’s coming out or already came out. Why, are you a fan of them as well?

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      2. Cool, download it. I’m in Romyre. I’m still a little guy. I think I am actually the smallest R4 in my alliance. I’m about 5.5b right now. Hopefully I’ll gain some power this week/weekend.

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      3. I play in spurts… I get a little done, I go in see what’s going on. But I’m a level 22, R4… I’m just doing research and chasing tiles right now. So I don’t need to be in all the time. We had a kill event last night, I was in for that, but didn’t really participate. I have a ‘friend’ in and enemy alliance. He came and parked by me in the hive, irritated everyone in my alliance and we ended up chatting all night lol Got nothing done.

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      4. I like the social aspect of it as well. So even when there is nothing going on, you can chat with someone. It’s one of the cooler phone apps I’ve downloaded. And yes, it is very addictive. Pick it up again when you’re out of school or on vacation. You’ll be slightly less addicted to it when you go back lol (but only slightly).

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      5. I don’t play all the time. I am more active during alliance and kingdom events. But I have wondered how much time I’ll have for it when I start back to school. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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      1. I’m glad school is good. No monthly challenge but of course I’m still working out. Actually my monthly challenge has been low/no carb eating. That’s hard to do but I like the results.

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      2. That’s true but starting over can and should always be avoided. You know me lol always steely! I haven’t been to the gym in a while though. Hopefully tomorrow I get to stop by for a bit and get a workout. I miss it 😔

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      3. Maybe, but I don’t get discouraged by messing up and starting over. I like myself now and I’ll like myself later so it’s all good. Hope you get to the gym. Sometimes it’s my sanity!

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