Quote of the Day #357

“If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.”

– Woody Allen


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day #357

  1. As a fan of David Bowie, I can put that remark in another context. Bowie´s band Tin Machine doesn´t enjoy a great reputation. However, the band formed a big experiment to try something else after a period of polished but conventional pop music. I´ve heard the two albums and have also heard a load of boot leg studio demos and what you get out of this is that in order to find something new, Bowie took a big risk. And the payoff was not in one album or two (I happen to like the records) but in another two decades of creativity. The rock journalists would have it that a musician must produce an endless stream of successful novelties. As a designer I recognises that most good designs are the result of a lot of failure and a good creative career necessarily means you´ll be trying something new from time to time. Seen from a long perspective, Bowie´s “failed” records were ultimately succesful in that they got him out of a rut. So, yes, Woody Allen is dead right. And Samuel Beckett wrote about failing again, failing better.

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