Great news, I passed the MPRE that I took last month!


29 thoughts on “Great news, I passed the MPRE that I took last month!

      1. Nope, but everyone else in my household is. My son started college last week. My husband started his Master’s program this week. I go back next month… if I ever call and register for class. I am dragging my feet.

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      2. My son isn’t saying much… but they haven’t actually started anything yet. First week they just taught note taking, Monday there was no class, Wednesday they taught proper APA format and made sure they understood what plagiarism is. I guess next week he’ll get started. He’s in a 15 week program. My husband hasn’t stopped bitching yet, he has bad timing. He is so busy at work that he really shouldn’t be in school right now. He has to travel a lot over the next 6 months and he’s looking at another deployment next summer. So him starting his masters program right now wasn’t a good idea. He’s in a 12 week program. I’ll be back in my 5 week program next month… I involuntarily pout every time I think about it lol (my husband called me out over it last week lol)

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