Why does the resale of Air Jordan sneakers attract so many fuckboys? For those of you that may not know, I used to collect sneakers. Now, I’m just trying to sell whatever I have especially if it doesn’t fit. I typically use eBay and have actually sold quite a few sneakers already. I’ve sold everything from New Balances, Nikes, to Adidas’ with ease but when it comes to Air Jordans, forget about it. 

Earlier today some dude messaged me complaining about my prices because supposedly they were too high for him. I told him to check out Flight Club, a store located in New York and Los Angeles, where they resell sneakers, hats, etc. at what many would consider high prices. 

I’ve always browsed their site and have found their prices to be pretty high but mine are nowhere near those prices. So I pretty much killed this dude with kindness but in a professional manner of course and he called me an idiot. I replied, how am I the idiot when you messaged me bitching about the price and asked me what’s the best I can do for them instead of putting up an offer on them. Mind you, the price is posted as clear as day. I can’t with some people.


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