Donald Trump

No, I don’t belong to any political party nor do I have a preference but my goodness, this man is an idiot. First, I see that today he’s given a Purple Heart and he makes a mockery of it. Then, he kicks out a mother and her baby because the baby wouldn’t stop crying as he spoke. God knows what this man will say or do next. Stay tuned folks!


11 thoughts on “Donald Trump

      1. I watched it. I also know his weird sense of humor. The media takes everything he says and runs with it. I guess it’s hard for me how in general people and media can take every word he says and crucify him yet Hillary gets a get out of jail free card. No pu intended. You know me. I try and be fair and see things from both sides. If someone watched me like a hawk and repeated a select bunch of things I say and doI assure you it would be very misleading and no one would recognize me. I’m just fed up with the media and the games and it makes me sad that we are willing pawns in a lose lose game.

        Enough of that! Hope you have a great day! It’s been over 100 here for the last few days and I think I’m actually melting 😦

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