I don’t know how folks need coffee in order to function when shit has reverse effect on me. I drank a Starbucks Expresso Shot earlier and I’m all messed up now. I have no appetite nor do I feel parched. This is unlike me because all I do is eat and drink water throughout my day. Never again will I drink coffee. I’ll stick to my guns next time and refuse it. 


49 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. I drink it occasionally but never want to rely on something like that in order to function. It doesn’t do anything good for me either unless I need to get rid of a headache. You should drink water even if you don’t feel like it. Flush it out of your system.

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      1. Because sometimes I can’t get rid of a headache without caffeine and ibuprofen. Also socially. It’s a hot drink that I like sometimes.

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      2. Yeah I have. I wake up with the same headache only ten times worse. Caffeine is the only thing that touches it and even that doesn’t work all the way. It still lingers in the background.
        You are a nut. Lol.

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      3. well, I’m definitely not at the gym as often as you or up as early so I’d say you have more energy! It’s ok. You’re WAY younger than me! 😉 😛

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