I feel like shit.


26 thoughts on “I feel like shit.

      1. Me too. One moment it’s June now it’s almost August! Why, I haven’t been on vacation yet! 😂
        It’s supposed to be long weekend, but I work. But nobody tells me when the holidays are. 😕

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      2. I think it’s BC day.
        I have to see what my hours look like because my work is going under major renos. And my bosses are going on vacation during that time.
        It sounds good to go. I wouldn’t mind chilling for a bit. What about you? Did you go on vacation

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      3. That’s where I would like to go. To the beach. Go sightseeing. Oh man now I’m envious!!😄 Somewhere I can go shopping too. It’s girly of me to say that, but there is no shopping here lol 😆

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      1. I had a headache earlier, my eyes hurt now, and my piss is yellow so I know it has to do with a lack of water. I’m going to sleep early tonight. Hopefully I sleep in a bit tomorrow. Don’t tell me that… I will be traveling soon…


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