I finally reached 1,000 followers! I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you who has stuck around my crazy ass. I really do appreciate you guys! I hope you all will join me on this ride to infinity and beyond?


73 thoughts on “1,000

  1. Yay!
    Tell me your secrets!
    I just hit 500. I’m getting 100-200 views a day. I just came back from a 2 month hiatus and trying to get my readership up. But, it’s been hard. And I feel like I put my heart and soul into this and my audience isn’t being reached.


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    1. I guess my secret is to blog everyday, multiple times a day and respond to every single comment. Also, “like” and comment on other people’s posts as much as you can. I think you’re doing extremely well if you are getting that many views a day. I didn’t always get that many views a day. Lately, I’ve been getting that many and I’m not sure why because I haven’t changed a thing. Keep doing what you’re doing πŸ™‚

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      1. I blog 3x a day minimum. I changed my hours to morning- mostly 9-11AM EST because I read that’s a good time to blog. You?

        I try to do that as well. The liking and commenting. In the beginning when I started it worked wonders. Now, not so much. I guess I’m at a slump. I don’t want to advertise but I feel like I’m not reaching the audience I feel I am capable of.

        I added three more sections to my site that are related to my work: My Art Collection, My Inspirations, and My Art (like things I draw). My site is called Art of Drem so I am including other aspects of my art and lifestyle. Something to just mix things up a bit. Trying to diversify is the best word I can think of it.
        If you get a minute, can you look over my site and let me know at first glance what you think?
        When you have a second. Not trying to self-advertise here. You don’t have to. Just trying to learn from someone experienced.

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      2. I think you’re doing great then! I tend to blog mostly anytime from 7-3pm EST and I tried something different last weekend by actually blogging since I usually don’t. I had my most views (199) in a while on Saturday. Don’t worry about it, I’ll take a look at it now. I use the WordPress app so hopefully it cooperates with me lol if anything, I’ll use my browser for you πŸ™‚

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      3. i haven’t yet. originally it was just trauma poetry (which is still most of my posts) so I wanted something dark but modern. And most of the images I used on my site matched the cyan.
        I will look into changing it up. I haven’t changed it in so long, i wonder if it will alienate the people who do read me. But I will look into it. Ty (:

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      4. In that case, keep it the same or find something darker. I think you’re doing well with what you are doing right now especially if you’re getting 100-200 views a day. I didn’t get to 1,000 followers overnight. It took me a long time actually.


      5. I am still going through the themes. Ty so much for the suggestions. It will probably take me awhile till I find out what fits. I think I also need to put borders around some of my photos to make it match the page more since I do want to keep the teal/cyan thing going on (because those are my favorite color and I have blue hair). πŸ˜›

        ty again

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      6. (:
        you are welcome to stop in any time if you’re interested in poetry, posts about the mental health system and living with an invisible illness, funny cat stories and my pop-surrealism art collection πŸ˜›

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    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate the follow! As for advice, I would recommend writing everyday and multiple times a day. Make sure you find something that works for you and your audience, so that you can stick with it. Also, remember to interact with your audience and other bloggers through “likes” and comments. I hope that helps!

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      1. Please do let me know if my suggestions are effective. I will definitely keep you in mind if I find something else that works for me as far as blogging goes. Much success to you and your blog! You’ll do great πŸ™‚

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