Cheer Up

I was just told to go cheer up one of my colleagues because apparently dude is always in a pissy mood and I’m always full of energy, smiling, and making small talk with people. Yeah, we work for the same company and whatever he’s bitter about, I should be too but that’s not how I operate. I didn’t make it to twenty-five and get to keep my baby face by sweating work. Instead, I’ve always just tried to make the best of every situation until I’m able to take myself out of a particular situation entirely. Maybe this dude should try this! 


20 thoughts on “Cheer Up

      1. I know they say everything should be in moderation but not life, especially a good one. Who wouldn’t want to live forever if it’s a good one? I think I can and I sure as heck will strive for it. You can but you chose not just now 🙂

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      2. As I said, I’d love to have your optimism.
        At this point, I’m trying to usher in some major changes in the way I live and see life. And yes, I’m happy with the steady progress I’m making.

        Maybe one day I’ll strive for forever too, just like you. Who knows? But not right now. College is very stressful lol :p

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      3. Aw my college opens in the second week of July. So about 15 days of glory left :p
        That, and I got many, many entrance exams to give.
        But I’m not complaining. I’m taking everything in my stride, you know.
        I promised myself I won’t stress over this, haha :p
        I’ll be optimistic about life, YESSS.

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      4. What country are you in? Wait, so you’re in college and you give exams? What do you do for work?

        There’s no point in complaining, just take everything by stride. Good, I’m glad you made such a promise to yourself! Please do join me in being optimistic about life 🙂

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      5. Ya. So I’m from India. Here we give entrances while we’re in college, so that we are assured of a place in a niceeee PG program before we graduate :p

        And no, we don’t work while we’re studying. And we don’t like to work before completing post graduation. I’m 20 and I’ve never worked anywhere. That’s why it’s such a mess for most of us. We’re forced to do a lot of guess work.

        And yes, I’ll be optimistic about life 🙂
        PS- thank you for this lovely conversation 🙂

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      6. Really?! That’s interesting! I’m from the U.S. and we do things entirely different here. I’m 25 and I’ve been working full-time and going to school full-time since the age of 16. I think the way India does it makes the most sense that way students can focus solely on school and not juggle that in addition to work. You’ll be fine!

        Anytime, please do come again 🙂

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      7. Well don’t envy my ways, just try to copy them or fine tune them so that they work for you. I don’t agree with the view on education the U.S. has. As an individual with my Bachelors, Masters, and almost having my Juris Doctorate degree, I realized that we waste a lot of time as Americans in school. Hence, why we are ranked as one of the dumbest countries. As an undergraduate, I declared a major upon entering since I knew what I wanted to do but they insisted that I satisfy institutional requirements (courses that have nothing to do with your major or life even) while the Masters degree is major specific ONLY. See, now that makes sense to me.

        Thanks, much success to you!

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  1. Energy. Smiles. Connecting with people.
    These make us really feel good about ourselves. The joy then radiates and absorbed by the people around us. Well, in some cases, others get annoyed. I had a similar experience back when I was in the university yet. My dean told me one time that she was not happy with my disposition. She told me to show a little anxiety as apparently, I seemed to be not serious with my job. I just smiled at her and visited her office each day for more happy thoughts. And she got used to it!

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