Heart Broken

Last night, me and my girlfriend went to Petco and I seen some shit that broke my heart. We were browsing the store when we stumbled upon a cat on display. First thing I noticed was that this cat was shaking as it laid in its cat bed. Next, when it finally rose up out of its bed, I then noticed that it looked extremely frail. I then went over to the tag on the display and saw that his name was Ross and that he was left behind because the owner moved. This fucked me up. Like how the fuck do you leave one of the members of your family behind? This individual should have had the decency to  bring Ross to the MSPCA or find it a caring and loving family at least, not leave it behind like if he was trash. 

I don’t have any kids or pets at the moment because I know I couldn’t give them the world and my undivided attention right now. There are a lot of selfish ass individuals out there who have kids and pets for all of the wrong reasons. Kids and pets matter! They depend on you to provide for them. Their existence depends on you. Hell, they are members of your family. I didn’t adopt Ross last night because I know I wouldn’t be able to care for him as I would like to due to other commitments. You best believe if I could have, I would have because no one, whether it be an animal or person, deserves to go through what that cat went through.


14 thoughts on “Heart Broken

    1. I know. They really should! Kids and pets require a great deal of responsibility and commitment, if you aren’t ready for all of that then you shouldn’t have them. It is as simple as that but folks have little to no regard for that. I can only imagine. All I saw was the aftermath of being left behind and it broke my heart Mon.

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  1. I don’t know my Lucy’s exact story, however, I always assumed that she was left behind by her family. She was so skinny when I happened upon her. I don’t know how people just pack up, move, and leave their family members behind. Hopefully Ross will find a furever home soon. He deserves nothing less.

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