My grades have been finally posted. I finished up last semester with a B+ in Legislation, B+ in Employment Discrimination, B in Constitutional Law, and a C+ in Property Law. Before you even say anything, I know, I know, I could have done better in Property Law but fuck it. I’m content with my grades so that’s all that matters. Time to party!!!


30 thoughts on “Grades

      1. Maybe not. My son is planning to go for law. I want a formal training in writing. I feel so inadequate, unskilled. 😦

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      2. Had been busy with a lot of stuff for the family, schooling, work. When I write, mostly done in haste. Papers done in one sitting mostly.

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      3. Indeed! Maybe because I’m not really into the subject. I’m revising my business plan for my MBA. But I’m really not into it. It’s like planning a part of my life which I’m that interested.

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