As usual, weekends aren’t long enough.


39 thoughts on “As usual, weekends aren’t long enough.

      1. It went by way to fast and busy. Yes!!!!!
        I know OKC will have a tough time beating them but they seem to be getting their crap tougher. I was a little surprised they beat the the Spurs! Shhhhh don’t tell anyone I said that. Lol. How was your weekend?

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      2. No I wouldn’t blame him. He deserves a ring. He really does. The Thunder would go down hill so much. Because Westbrook would leave the year after that. OKC is in a panic if he left. Everyday I’m reading articles where they are so afraid to lose him. They have 2 of the best players but I guess they are the ones who carry the whole team. They can be so inconsistent at times. They really seem to be wanting more than the other teams when it’s the final minutes. God I hope they can do it.

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      3. I know!!!! You’re making me nervous now. Lol. They best be practicing. I’m gonna call and make sure they are. lol.
        They are so close. 🙂 A couple of times I’ve bought tickets for my boy to be court side this year. He loves the Thunder. Craigslist is amazing for buying tickets. I checked for tickets now but even the nose bleed tickets are $500. Whaaaaaaa!! You can see the game better on TV.

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      4. Hey, that’s what I do! Lol

        I’m almost certain they are working their asses off right now in practice. Come on Carisa, they want this!

        You have the best seats when you watch the game on TV at home lol

        There’s nothing like the playoff atmosphere at a basketball game though

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