You’re still in violation of the law.

So I was driving in New Hampshire earlier when I happened to look to my left and saw a woman holding her phone in front of her as she was drove. New Hampshire is a hands-free state which does not not allow people to talk or use hand-held cellphones while driving. From the way she was using her phone, I’m going to assume that she had it on speaker and was talking into it. She might have thought that was alright since the cars with Bluetooth capability essentially allow you to talk on the phone through speaker. Even though she didn’t have the phone to her ear, she was still holding the phone in her hand. She’s not the only person I see do this, I’ve lost count of the many times I’ve seen this happen. These folks will not learn their lesson until they get stopped for it. Hell, I wanted to blog about it at that very moment but I would have been in violation of the law too. 


20 thoughts on “You’re still in violation of the law.

  1. Most states have a “two hands on the wheel” when driving law that basically prevents cell phone laws from even being needed. It also kinda makes all stick shift drivers illegal by default which has always made me laugh. It is actually not enforced that often as far as I know. I only know one person who has been ticketed for it. Basically anytime you have a hand off the wheel you are driving illegally in most states. Whether you’re adjusting the radio, drinking your coffee, wiping your nose, putting on lipstick, combing your hair or anything else that takes a hand off the wheel you can be ticketed by an officer who knows the rules and chooses to nit pick. Also, if you’re in an accident the first thing the insurance company asks is whether you were doing anything listed above. They do that because it helps them blame the accident on you.

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      1. I’ve been teaching teenagers in my family to drive for so long that I think I have the stupid manuals memorized for thirteen states.

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      2. Welll I love to learn, it’s probably some kind of mental disorder. Bwah ha ha… now I have to go google that.

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      3. Turns out curiosity in itself is considered a healthy although rare mental habit for adults that should be used. It is only a problem if you are “asking socially inappropriate questions and not knowing when to stop” or “taking the curiosity to obsessive levels” both of which can interfere with your life. Bwah ha ha… I’m not that bad… yet.

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  2. They do that shit here too. Drives me crazy. They think because it’s in the line of sight that it’s okay to read their phone while driving. Or talking with their phone up to their ear or holding it while on speaker. I always say I hope they get a ticket before they kill someone.

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