Why don’t you do something about it?

People constantly talk about how bad Obama has been as a president. Why don’t they just impeach him then? Look at Brazil, they just impeached their President. Why haven’t you, America? 


34 thoughts on “Why don’t you do something about it?

      1. The President, though the most powerful seat in America, doesn’t actually have a whole lot of power. He can’t even go to war without the backing of Congress. He can stop a war, he cannot start one. Trump will only have as much power as house and senate allow him to have, just like Obama.

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      2. Trump is a business man, not a lawyer… he’ll run into some issues with constitutional law, real quick. He’s already proving he has no clue what our constitution is about.

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      3. Plus it’s not like Trump has the full backing of the Republican party. He definitely doesn’t have the backing of the democratic party. He would only be as bad as they allow him to be unless he finds ways around the laws, like the pre-Regan Republican (that he is) used to.

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      4. He’s feeding into a lot of people’s fears, especially as it pertains to ISIS. He also has the backing of a lot of bigots and backroom racists.

        I think if he faced off to either democratic nominee they could take him out… the Republicans know it too. He’s not a Reagan era Republican… he’s not conservative. They don’t like that at all, but they never thought for a moment that he’d make it this far either.

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      5. It’s going to cause a ruckus throughout the country. People are going to be pissed that they voted and supported Trump up until the end to find out he won’t be the Republican candidate lol

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      6. It’s gonna be a mess, but maybe it’ll spark the change we need in our government. Pre-Reagan era politics didn’t work. Post-Reagan ear politics isn’t working either. We need some real change in this country.

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      7. We really do but I don’t know if Trump will be the one to do it. A lot of folks think he can bring about change. Yeah, he may be able to but whether they are good or not is a different story.

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      8. Oh hell no! He will roll us back to segregation if he has his way. But if the Republicans replace him as the nominee, I am hoping the good that comes out of that (after everyone cools off and the rioting,etc. is over) is change. Trump damn sure isn’t going to bring any positive change to this country.

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  1. Brazil has a different structure of government, and their president has different powers than ours. She’s accused of financial fraud, directly moving Brazil’s money around in a kind of shell game, and their government is split 50-30 over the impeachment, not unified behind doing it.

    Our president can’t directly move our tax monies around, or even make laws. It has to be done in concert with the other two branches of government here. There’s no reasonable comparison between the two situations.

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    1. What are you talking about? Congress, the legislative branch is divided into two branches as well, the house and Senate. Who said they have to win unanimously? Legislative branch makes the law. Judicial branch reviews the laws. Executive branch enforces the laws. At the end of the day, there is a comparison because Obama can be impeach just as Brazil’s president was. Whether their governments are the same or not is a story for another day. What I wanted to drive home was the fact that they both have the ability of impeaching presidents but Brazil actually did while the U.S. simply just talks about it.


      1. No, what you can impeach for there is not the same standard as the level of high crimes you need to impeach here. Half THEIR government is calling it a coup!

        Sure, there are grumblers in both countries, but you can’t compare apples and oranges.

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      2. Bro, what are you talking about? Andrew Johnson was impeached simply because they didn’t like how he handles things post the civil war. Presidents have gotten impeached and then acquitted of any crimes they may have committed by the Senate. I don’t understand how you think this is apples and oranges when I’m talking about impeachment, not the crimes they have or may have committed.


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