I want to be a master at public speaking. For those of you who are amazing public speakers, how did you get to be so amazing at it?


44 thoughts on “I want to be a master at public speaking. For those of you who are amazing public speakers, how did you get to be so amazing at it?

      1. I guess. I just don’t like to stand up in front of a group of anyone and speak. I don’t even like to be around large groups of people, let alone get up and speak in front of them.

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      2. Yes. It’s hard to explain. I’ll know I know something, but I’m afraid to be the first person to speak up. I don’t like it when all eyes are on me. Plus being around a lot of people makes me very anxious.

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  1. I’ll go blank. My brain just seizes up when put on the spot. Used to happen all the time in school. I’d get called on and it would take a minute for my brain to turn back on so I could answer the question. My instructor understood, but at some point I am going to have to go to a job interview… I’m scared to death about that. I think that is why I’m still in school rather than working. School is still safe lol

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      1. Oh no, I had a presentation on Wednesday in my legislation class. We had to propose a bill and my girlfriend chose to create an act decreasing the minimum legal drinking age in MA. Luckily, we went last because I felt like I did shitty but we’ll see when I get my grade lol

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      2. She chose it. Some argue that it will address this issue of binge drinking. MA has a huge issue given all of its colleges and universities. Stats also show that 21-24 year old are responsible for a large number of alcohol related accidents. In Italy for example, people are exposed to alcohol early on and the minimum age may be 14 or 16 and they don’t have this issue. I personally agree though that if something is deemed illegal, people will go out of their way to do it anyways. I used to drink as a minor and now that I’m of age, I don’t give a shit about alcohol. In other words, I got it out of my system early on. I know I may be a rare case but it happens.

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      3. I can see both sides of this. I too got drinking out of the way super early (I used to sneak my Grandmother’s beer). I don’t drink, nor do I have a desire to as an adult. However comparing spoiled Americans to Europeans is no comparison. They are raised with values and beliefs that keep them grounded. A lot of Americans, especially with in the Age of the Millennial don’t care about values. Giving them the right to drink at a younger age isn’t gong to ground them later in life, it’s going to cause them to find new boundaries to push.

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      4. Not in the least. I have tried discussing things I’m particularly excited about, like last week I was talking to him about PaaSs and though he tries to look interested, his eyes glaze over. So nope. However, I have family in the field, so if I am willing to make a phone call I always have someone to talk to about IT, IS, etc.

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      5. I think I am just genetically predisposed to it. Even when I was a kid I loved taking things apart and putting them back together. When we got our first computer, the first time my husband left I pulled out a screwdriver, disconnected the computer, and took it apart. I wanted to see how it worked. Information Security is an awesome field that interests me, but hardware is still where my heart lives.

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      1. True, right, so if you know nothing about what you’re presenting (me all the time) you improvise and BS the whole thing, THE WHOLE THING, smile tons, make eye contact, crack a joke, your intonations matter, so do your pauses, your posture too, ACT. Act to save your life. This is coming from a 16 year old. :’)

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