8 years ago today…

I lost my father. From that day forward, April 19th has been considered as the worst day ever. I still cannot believe that he’s no longer here physically. I only say physically because I do believe my father continues to live on spiritually. I know mentally, he’s always with me. My father was and still is my hero, my everything. I love and miss you so much! 


74 thoughts on “8 years ago today…

      1. I am try to reorganize what I have already written to help me get it done faster. My problem is I keep thinking about the IAAS portion but I am writing a Client-Server portion. It’s got me blocked. So I’m trying to erase the block.

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      2. Well I don’t need to erase it, just move it, which I’ve done. I also need to change the flow of the first paragraph so I can pick right up with cloud computing (IAAS).

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      3. I agree. My MIL loves my spaghetti. We are supposed to go down there on Memorial Day weekend, she’s already requested I bring spaghetti with me. I wonder if that means we’re not bbqing lol.

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      4. LOL I’m much more interested in a burnt hot dog quite frankly. Living in an apartment sucks because you can’t have a grill. I miss grilled food. I didn’t go back to NC last year, at all, so I missed all the good BBQs.

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      5. We’ll see. The only reason why we are going down Memorial Day weekend is because our sons graduation is in the middle of the week at 8 in the morning and they can’t come up, so we offered to come down that weekend.

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      6. Well I haven’t seen them in almost 2 years. Which also means they haven’t seen my son in almost 2 years, since he goes where I go. Plus I’d rather go in May than July since they don’t have AC.

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      7. Not really lol. I haven’t been down to the inlaws in almost 2 years. My husband visited with them last summer, but I didn’t feel like driving down to meet him so we never saw them. It’s time for a visit. Plus I’d rather go for Memorial Day than the 4th of July again… they don’t have AC. I almost melted.

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      8. Varying degrees of hot. I miss Colorado summers. I might be 90° out, but with the lack of humidity it still felt good. Here? Down south the humidity makes the air so thick I can barely breath.

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  1. May his soul rest in peace. This loss is something only you can experience. But I wud say is that he would want to be happy. For the life he lived. And for the life he made it possible for you. Take care.

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