You mad though?

So I was behind a small pickup on the highway minding my own business when the passenger of the pickup turned around in his seat and starting flipping me off out the rear window. I was wearing my reflective jacket that I wear to work so they probably mistook me for a police officer. I’m shocked at how well I handled that because I just stared at this fool as he continued to flip me off. As an officer I wouldn’t have had grounds to stop them, but you best believe I would have continued to follow them so that I can find out what their problem was. I understand many firmly stand behind that whole “Fuck the police” or “Cops are pigs” movement but who do you call when you’re in some deep shit or seriously hurt? Let that sink in for second please and shut up. I’ve had negative experiences with police officers as well but you don’t see me writing off every law enforcement official as being no good. In fact, shit like that has motivated to become a law enforcement even more so that I can break that stereotype and actually make a difference for my community, city/town, state, and country.

How do you feel about police and why?


6 thoughts on “You mad though?

  1. Police officers are human beings. Like all groups of humans most are good people but others are not so nice. They are out there risking their life every day and so they deserve a basic level of human decency and respect for that service.

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