I strive to be the best at whatever it is that I do. You know what, you should too!


20 thoughts on “I strive to be the best at whatever it is that I do. You know what, you should too!

      1. You better have a straight face when in front of the judge, wich by the way yesterday when I had to got to court.. the freaking judge was hot a hell, I couldn´t even concéntrate at whatever the hell she was asking me

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      2. It happened over 5 years ago, just petty theft, and now that things are going sort of good, better tan before that is for sure, I get the notification to go to this shiat, I thought they forgot about it and just put my “portfolio” in a stack of papers to never be found,
        and to your question… I did hit on her, since when I was with the attorney outside she did pass by us but without the robe so I did say if I could borrow her cell phone just to call God and tell HIM he just lost an angel. And then it was her on the other side, actually she couldn´t retain the smile when questioning me, wich was fun. So I just have to pay 137$, no jail time this time and it will not be on record as me having any priors, it will just be a fine.
        Holy shiat, how do they let hot girls, cause she was younger than me, probably not even 30, do that job?

        That was a long comment, P.S. Do pro bono!

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      3. Lmaoooo no worries! Anyone and everyone can practice law as long as they satisfy all the requirements. She happened to do that and be hot which is a plus. I told you I’ll keep the pro bono work in mind 🙂


      1. I’m good. Doing laundry and laying about thinking about dinner. I have 2 more assignments to get in and Spring Break here I come. I think I read yesterday that you’d overdone it at the gym. Next time sit in the sauna after you work out, it does wonders for the big muscles. (that and make sure you stretch out really well before and after).

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