I’m officially on spring break now. 


22 thoughts on “I’m officially on spring break now. 

      1. I’m behind for the week. Gonna have to turn in yesterday’s paper late. I’m crawling out from beneath the worst migraine I’ve ever had. It limited my time in front of the computer this week. (and turned me into a vampire lol)

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      2. I still have a 100% in that class, so I don’t mind sacrificing 10% of that grade. I don’t usually do late turn ins, but once I decided I couldn’t do it, and would just take the penalty I had no guilt about it. I felt like crap the last couple of days, but especially yesterday. I spent more time with my eyes closed than open and I wasn’t asleep. It was so damn bright outside.

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      3. It was tough especially seeing him one last time before they fly his body out to Dominican Republic. I’ve gone to a few wakes but never have the individual look as if they were still living. Yesterday’s wake was on the contrary and maybe it had a lot to do with how he went out…

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      4. I’m sorry to hear that. I won’t pry into the particulars, I am just glad you got to say goodbye. It’s never an easy thing to do. I don’t like wakes or funerals and am seldom willing to go to either.

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