Good Morning Bloggers!


52 thoughts on “Good Morning Bloggers!

      1. I’m back and in a bit of denial. I had a hardcore technology architecture class that I dropped and exchanged for a sociology class instead. I took one look at the assignments in the assignment list and decided that I didn’t want to do it. It was a LOT of work and with my husband just coming back I am just not focused enough to handle it. Maybe next term.

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      2. I bet. The day before we had our Saturday class I dyed my hair. I was allergic to something in the dye and when I went to class part of my face and my lips were swollen. Not where I wanted to be waiting out my allergy meds kicking in.

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      3. How about me, every time finals come around, I get sick! Talk about bad timing huh? Lol finals are worth 100% of my grade. I survived time and time again somehow but imagine if I was my 150% self while taking these exams lol I’d get grades like yours 😏


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